Use of Managed Apple ID + Personal Apple ID

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Hello, We have a large group of schools, some with parental purchase programs. On those cases, parents request access to personal Apple IDs for game download and streaming services on the weekends, on top of the Managed Apple ID provided by the school. Profiles are set so that it is allowed, just like teachers (that can use their Apple IDs for App "quest", on top of the Managed Apple ID. Recently we have been noticing that some students devices lose this capability, with the multimedia and App Store disappearing. We have checked all available fields on the profile build tool, and cannot figure it out. Have you experienced this? Could it be related to any payload modification with iPad OS 15? Thanks!


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I am trying to do the same thing with a Shared Ipad config in Jamf School. How did you enable the use of a personal and a managed apple id on the shared ipad?

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Any resolution to this? Are we able to access personal Apple IDs with a managed device? 

No, we are not. Close out the case. I don't think we'll be using Jamf School.

Carole Roys
Director of Information Technology