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Hi All, While wondering about a way to automated the removal of departed users from casper I wrote a script that uses the REST API to accomplish that.It relies on the python-jss module and finds all users without a computers assigned to them and remo...
I put together an extension attribute that looks for VM on a mac and reports the OS installed in the VM.It gives great visibility into clients should you need to address unmanaged VMs circulating on your network.I hope others can find it useful in th...
** While this applies directly to folks using Deploystudio, I figured I would share here just in case it may interest someone.I rewrote a script (original script was done by Tim Sutton) which when added to a Deploystudio workflow, will generate a ran...
Wanted to share a few scripts that allow me to find the status of ssh on my clients but also reset those that for some reason have ssh turned off.https://jumpt.wordpress.com/2015/02/25/report-and-reset-ssh-status-via-casper/As always feedbacks are we...
It's me again, just put something up to leverage software updates with casper.Feedback are as always welcome. https://jumpt.wordpress.com/2015/02/13/leverage-software-updates-via-casper/