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Hello everyone, We are looking for a solution to deploy a configuration profile on a local profile (MacBook).We need a local "exam" account for our students, which would only allow access to a list of authorized URLs.We can set this up with a configu...
Hello everyone,We're having problems with students changing the DNS configuration to access forbidden sites.Is it possible to block the Manual DNS option in JAMF Pro? See screenshot belowThank you in advance for your help.
Hello,I would like to know how to unenroll broken mobile devices in a clean way?I have no way to turn the devices on, or others have broken screens.I'd like to reset them and unenroll them to give them to the scrapyard.Do you have a procedure for thi...
Hello,I received this message from Jamf Pro Server :jamfim.lfz.ch Infrastructure Manager instance has not checked in with the JSS. What does this mean? Is it critical? Can you help me with any action I need to take? Thanks !
Hello everyone,I would like to implement a script to set screen time for iPads, is this possible?Is it possible to set screen time using a script in JAMF Pro?Thanks in advance for your answers !
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