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Hello #Healthcare, I got a strange request. Not sure if this is the right thread to ask in but I will ask anyways. I have multiple iOS devices running various iOS version connected to an enterprise healthcare wireless network with the Wi-Fi Networkin...
Hello Jamf Nation, I am looking for assistance with an issues that has been slowly popping up over the last couple of weeks. When the iPads are being set up they are constantly getting the following error messages about "The SCEP server returned an i...
I am looking for a way to complete an inventory update on a smart group of iOS devices on a 4-hour window? We have a batch of iPads used to display information for various rooms, and if X number iPads don't check-in within the windows, I would like f...
I am looking into using Jamf to manage multiple TV in a education/healthcare settings. I know that I can setup my AppleTV with DEP and Jamf management. Is it possible to have my single app mode play powerpoint show and/or videos. I want varius member...