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If anyone needs it for scoping this regex will include all computers _not_ supported by macOS Ventura. So when new models are released you won't have to update the regex.^(iMac[1-9],\d|iMac1[0-7],\d|Macmini[1-7],\d|MacPro[1-6],\d|MacBook[1-9],\d|MacB...
Anyone having issues with using the Activation Lock Bypass Code from Jamf on Monterey? I have three Macs now on Monterey that I can't unlock with the bypass code. Get an error saying: "The operation couldn't be completed. Your Apple ID or password is...
Our security team have asked me to look into blocking Peer-to-Peer on our Macs. They want to prevent a possible attacker from jumping Macs using this service/protocol if one Mac gets hacked/infected.I'm not familiar with how P2P is implemented in mac...
I'm curious as to what happens when a computer hits the "MDM Profile Expiration Date". Will MDM commands stop working?Will the profile be renewed automatically or do I have to issue a new profile using 'Action' -> 'Send Remote Commands' -> 'Renew MDM...
We are new to Jamf and in our initial setup we are using single sign-on (Azure) during User-Initiated Enrollment but the username of the authenticating user is not added under "User and Location" of the enrolled computer. Is it correct that this step...
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