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Does anyone have any experience with Uniguest software? Our college owns a hotel and the hotel is part of chain. This chain now requires this Uniguest software to be on the Guest machines. The thing is the chain doesn't own the computer as we do. The...
I have been using config profiles to mount two network drives we have since we got the suite. This past week we changed the drives up a bit so i did some testing by setting up a new config with our old settings and put a few computers in there. I tha...
A few printers were changed out this week and they kept the same names as the old one. In windows this is easy as you just change the group policy object to delete and update the new. But i dont know how to do this through casper. I can add the print...
I am being tasked to setup a SUS server having never ever done so. Where is the best place to look to get started on this? Anybody else ever had to do this with no prior experience? Again any information here would be greatly appreciated.
Is there a way for when a user goes home that the script i have to mount network drives does not run because it doesn't see our directory? I am sure there is a check that can be done but not being script savvy am not sure how to write it. Any informa...
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