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anyone have a way to only allow admin users to launch certain applications only? IE, Terminal, System preferences? Is that possible via a policy?
As we all know, OS X Yosemite removed the apple logo at the login window. I used to replace this logo with a company branded logo. That no longer seems to work. I was hoping someone may have a solution for this in yosemite. I appreciate any input. Th...
In previous version of OS X, I was able to edit the /Library/Preferences/ file to remove any persistent dock apps that I did not want in the dock for newly created users. Items like iBooks and Maps are not necessary for us. I...
I need a way to rename the "Automatic" network location to "Work" via the command line. I had a look at the man page for networksetup but don't see anything that would help. Has anyone found a way to accomplish this? Any advice is greatly appreciated...
I’m hoping someone has a solution for this. I have a few network shares (AFP / SMB) that mount when a user logs in. When the share mounts, it automatically opens up. I don’t want that to happen. I just want the share to mount without it opening. Does...
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