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Hello, I'm tying to batch create new Extension Attributes via API using curl. I got my xml template by pulling down an EA by GETting an EA by ID and running through xmllint. I'm very new to using API calls. Hopefully someone can see what is going on ...
I haven't seen any discussion on this: Attackers Infect Transmission Torrent Client With OS X Malware - TorrentFreak Another attack on Transmission, this time for creating a backdoor to the keychain data. www.welivesecurity.comArticle 1Article 2 Belo...
Hello, Firstly- please excuse my noobishness. I recently got CCT'd, and I'm mostly a lurker so not used to posting on forums in general. That in mind: Our institution has decided that, as a fallback, all administrative staff should be able to connect...
What to say about myself...here are some of my beliefs: - To promote User competence and propagate it-- help Users so that they get their work done *and* grow as technology users. - Always have an answer-- especially if it is `I don't know`. - You should not be afraid of a `Shell` - You should strive to learn good `Bash` - You should strive to have a strong understanding of `File Descriptors`, `Substitution`, and `Redirection`. And `Pipes`! - You should learn `AWK` - You should learn `SED` - You should learn `find` - You should learn `grep` - You should learn `Common Lisp` (or `Scheme`, or `Racket`) - You should learn `Emacs` `#Vanilla` `#EVIL` `#Spacemacs` - Then you should learn `Org Mode` - If on macOS, you should use `MacPorts` and the latest `Bash`, as well as setting default utils to `GNU`. This will give more options toward solution. - You should do `Linux`, `proto typing`, and `new tooling` experiments on a regular basis. - GUIs usually get in the way. Tiling window managers and a Terminal window are where it's at. - `Markdown` is awesome! More to come.
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