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Hey Guys, Having some weird issues with 10.9 and AD logins, Picture this Lab of 10.9 machines all working fineGoes to sleep overnightWake up machines try login as AD userCant login immediate shake, Has IP address (according to login window) and can p...
Hey Guys, Im having a few issues getting this working, What i want to do is trigger a script to log users into our proxy server automatically when the plug into the Lan. e.g. user goes to meeting with laptop on wifi comes back to the office plugs int...
Hey Guys, Got about 500 of these turning up in the next few weeks, and I have issues with the USB, I'm using Winclone to deploy Windows 7 x64 Found I didn't have Keyboard or Mouse so Have booted up into OSX and run the sudo /usr/sbin/bless --device /...
OK working now Delete me
Ok Im possibly Blind but what i want to do is this, We want to remove all local printers from our environment, Casper is collecting the printers obviously. I want to create a report or export a CSV that tells me any of the following A list of all pri...
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