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Jamf Teacher Only Showing as an iOS app

Since we have been having so many problems getting Apple Classroom to consistently work on our MacBooks,(due to bluetooth, wifi, airplay, and various issues that Apple cannot seem to help us fix), I started looking at Jamf Teacher. My first step seem...  View more

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Synology NAS - iPad file management

Hello everybody,we would like to use a Synology NAS as a storage location for shared iPads. We use Jamf School and the teachers should store their data on the NAS and make it available to the students via the Classroom app. Can you add a storage loca...  View more

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Can't see paid apps in Apple school

Evening. I hoping someone may be able to help me. I am very new to being a technician so am quick to learn but honest when I don't know something. I didn't know anything about this migration from VPP to ASM. I went to buy an app the other day from VP...  View more

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Schoolwork en Jamf Classess

I create classes with names like 0_blue or 1A in Jamf School they have a couple students but no teachers. They are synct with SFTP, listed in de schoolwork app and teachers create their own classes from the classes 0_blue of 1A. Teachers creating cla...  View more

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Shared Ipad User storage

When i look at shared users on one ipad it shows that users have used all of their storage quota even though there are no photos or videos saved for the users and it is just the apps installed to the ipad. How would i go about finding what is using t...  View more

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Jamf School Authenticate

I see that we can select enroll autenticate method from local users from Jamf School or select Azure, LDAP or Google. At the moment we use local users from Jamf and that option let us to install some apps, someone that use Google option can tell us i...  View more

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Location Issue Causing Problems with Sync

I am managing 60 iPads in a one-building school district. When I uploaded users to ASM it added a duplicate location for my school. One of them was manually created, the other is SFTP. When I sync to Jamf, it is only syncing the accounts that were ma...  View more

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