Jamf Connect 2.3.1 Release


Today we released Jamf Connect 2.3.1 for general availability; this release includes the below details.

Key Technical Content

• [PI-009285] Improved the login and account creation experience by displaying an animated loading bar between when a user authenticates and when the Finder displays.
• [PI-009164] Fixed an issue that caused Jamf Connect to fail to respect the custom action MenuIcon preference key.
• [PI-009223] Fixed an issue in which deploying a configuration with a misconfigured custom branding setting caused the menu bar app icon to be absent.
• [JC-2329] Fixed an issue that caused the menu bar to display a blank webview when attempting to authenticate if no MFA option was configured.
• [JC-2529] Fixed an issue that caused Jamf Connect to fail to update some AD attributes (e.g., password expiration date) after changing the password via the menu bar app.

Product Documentation
For more information, including Release Notes, please see the Jamf Connect Administrator Guide.

Thank you!
The Jamf Connect team


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Is ther a workaround on PI-009494?

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RE [PI-009285]
It is expected that in Catalina the "animated loading bar" is not animated and in BigSur it is?

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Logging out seems ok, but login window is all over the place after reboot.


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Can confirm that the loading bar is a bit spotty. I logged in for the first time on a machine using an Okta Verify Push notification, and after accepting the MFA push and the loading bar animated for a few seconds, the window telling me to accept my MFA push came back up again which was very confusing. I was able to ignore it and login proceeded, but it had a "cancel" button that I could have pressed, and I have no idea if that would have interrupted anything.

Graphics are also occasionally populating in weird positions like @willjdaniel mentioned. Only happened once or twice during testing so far, but it's happening.

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Clicking Change Password from the menu bar app crashes Jamf Connect for me...

New Contributor III

Anyone else's Menu Bar Icon just become a blank grey circle?

Just upgraded from 2.1.3 and it was working fine there. Icon was a custom graphic for our company logo. I'm on Big Sur 11.1

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Anyone else seen this error message. Invalid Request: Invalid Request.

It happens during the initial login right after Azure successful authentication, so I know password is correct. Also it was working fine until I moved to Version 2.3.1

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Contributor II

Just rolling out Jamf Connect this week, and on two test devices I've noticed that upon log in, the menu bar is missing. Opening an app or System Preferences will bring up the menu bar, then it disappears again when the window is closed. Cant do anything other than hold power down to force power off. Tried killing the systemuiserver but that did nothing.

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Just installed this on a test device. Is the login window expected to be horribly off-center like this...? What in the world

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Jamf Connect 2.3.1 is not working for me with M1. Actually, the whole process to sign in via Google + Jamf Connect is skipped and I have instant the macOS login screen. That means, via Google SignIn the local account creations is skipped and no user login is available.

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@Flaurian its prob not skipped, if this is during prestage enrollment. There is a command that runs which should bring up the login screen. Ive seen this fail alot in the newer clients. If you reboot one of those machines you will probably see the login in screen come up.
@MacLover do you have special charcters in the password? in older vers the £ sign caused the issue, check the keyboard is set correctly in the top right corner

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@SCCM thanks for this hint and good to know. I don't have this issue with JC 2.3.0 and I'll not replace this version to JC 2.3.1 until it's fixed. I'm pretty sure JC 2.3.2 coming soon.

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@MacLover did you ever figure out what was causing the issue for you? I am testing out 2.3.2 now and getting the same "Invalid request: Invalid Request" error that you mentioned.

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@Lodavigo The Invalid request is related to: (Create a Separate Local Password) change it from false to true and that should help.

(Create a Separate Local Password)
If set to true, this key prompts users to create a new password for their new local account. If set to false, this key prompts users to re-enter their network password, which also becomes the local account password. This ensures a user's network and local password are synced during user creation.

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@Flaurian would love to know how that works for you! I had to add in a authchanger reset command after and then a reboot to get it to work properly.

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@user-knjgIBMpIx JC2.3.2 works fine for me without any autochanger changes 🙂