Jamf Connect licence update

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Hello community.

We have upped our Jamf Connect licence count as we have added more Macs to our estate.

When we upload the new JC licence file into Jamf Pro which option should we take here and why?


Distribute to All Choose "Distribute to All" to distribute to all computers in scope, including computers that already have this profile installed.


Distribute to Newly Assigned Devices Only Choose "Distribute to Newly Assigned Devices Only" to distribute only to computers in scope that do not currently have the profile installed.




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Assuming the licence doesnt change, newly devices only would be the best bet, no need to touch a machine if there's nothing to be gained. 


however, if your changing the version as well, then i would push it out to all devices. 

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Depends on how you have your configuration profiles setup. Idelay the configuration profile with your product key is broken off by itself. I would suggest deploying to all devices, so they all have the same copy of the configuration.