9.63 Mavericks 10.9.5 Stuck on Login Screen

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We bind throughAD. We have been dealing with this error since we upgraded to 9.63 on 10.9.5 machines the login screen is stuck on unavailable network. The Mac is not getting an IP address, the minute, I remove Casper in Safe Mode and re-add Casper user will be able to log back in instantly, until a week or two later the error will pop up again. Any idea, what I should look for?


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@ytalha, do you have any policies scoped to run at startup? Just a thought.

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Check out this thread/post: https://jamfnation.jamfsoftware.com/discussion.html?id=11857#responseChild68836

Not sure if you were already up to 10.9.5, but this might be related to an opendirectoryd bug with AD bound machines in 10.9.5 (or technically a fix to a past bug that goes all the way back to 10.7) that can be resolved by running:

dscl /Search -delete / CSPSearchPath "/Active Directory/yourdomainname"

We had this issue and couldn't get past the login window after upgrading to 10.9.5 until we set up a policy to run this script once on all machines running 10.9.5.

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I would take a look at the /var/log/jamf.log on an affected Mac to see what its doing when its at that broken state. When you remove Casper in safe mode, are you running jamf removeFramework or doing something else?

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@bentoms, no we don't. I disabled Jamf Policy check on login and it only run on log out, and this problem is still occurring.

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@ jasonaswell, I looked at that thread. I decided to image with binding to AD using a shell script without Casper Imaging and machine worked like charm no problem whatsoever. If I take the same exact machine and reimage it with Casper we have the network not found and cannot login.

@davidcland, yes I use jamf removeFramework. I'm new to Casper and so it has been a rugged road.

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Does it say 'Network is unavailable'? I'm getting the same issue with a freshly imaged, AD bound 2014 iMac. We have port fast and Fast Ethernet enabled if that matters.