Add & Upload buttons are missing in Computers > Configuration Profiles

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Using a fresh instance of JSS 9.2. Just experimenting with administering computers. Went to create/deploy a configuration profile and am confronted with no buttons to add or upload a configuration profile.

The expected buttons do display for Mobile Devices > Configuration Profiles.

Machines enroll, LDAP users/groups populate, etc. etc. so the instance of JSS appears to be working. I'm just missing some buttons.

If anyone has encountered this, I'd be curious to hear how you fixed it.


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Hi PJ,

Have you set up the prerequisite for Configuration Profiles?

From page 259 in the Administrators Guide:

To install an OS X configuration profile, you need: - Computers with OS X v10.7 or later
- The Enable certificate-based authentication and Enable push notifications settings configured in the 
JSS. (For more information, see Security Settings.)
- (User-level profiles only) Computers that are bound to a directory service - User-level profiles only) Login hooks configured in your environment

I found that Enabling push notifications was what I was missing



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Yup, that was it. Just came to that conclusion myself scouring the docs a little closer.


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Thank-you for posting this. It helped me with my missing buttons as well. Great info. :)