Anybody using Kinobi's paid services and care to comment on them?

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I'm looking for feedback from anyone using Kinobi's commercial patch management service (as opposed to their free add-on to NetSUS). How good is their coverage? How fast are they at updating?


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Ive been testing it for the last month and so far its been fantastic.
All the titles have been updated within 24hrs of release and any bugs I've found they have resolved them within a few hours as well (pretty good as they are based in AU and I'm in the UK, so the timezone difference always means its a few hours before I get a response)

Ive all but given up with Community Patch (too many issues with titles not getting updated) so Kinobi seems to be the perfect extension to Jamf Patch Management

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Thanks for the feednback @garybidwell. I hadn't noticed the .au domain in their parent company link. That could explain why I haven't heard back on my info request from this morning (I'm on the east coast of the US).

I like the idea of Community Patch as a shared repository of version info, and it'd give me control of posting updates I'm interested in, but offloading that to a paid service also has its appeal.

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I'm not sure the commercial subscription is available until later in the year
When I originally inquired, one of the founders of the parent company Mondata got back to me a few days later and asked if I would like to beta test and provided me with a subscription token until end of August (Thats when I assume it will become a commercial product)
A few days later I also received an invite to their support portal.
The support team have been the ones that respond and get back to me within 24 hours and can't fault the product or service I received so far (once I finally got a response back after the initial inquiry)

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@garybidwell Good to know. That timing would work as I'm working on my 2020 budget wishlist.

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We have also been using Kinobi as a test and i agree, its fantastic.
We have about 60 or 70 titles and all get updated promptly.

We requested a number of titles from them and within a day or 2, they were created and ready.

If you want to get a prompt response, i recommend joining MacAdmins slack channel and posting in the kinobi channel.
One of the founders got back to me within a few hours, even though i never got an email reply.

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Thanks for the feedback @Dan1987. I do have a question open in the #kinobi-dev MacAdmins slack channel, but haven't heard back yet.


I've been part of the beta test for a while and will be paying for it as soon as I can.

I evaluated it on a few criteria:

  • Number of patch definitions available
  • Speed new versions appeared in the feed
  • Speed of getting a new patch definition added

I found them excellent on all three.

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Is Kinobi supports only JAMF Pro denifinations ( what are the defininations available in the jamf) ? or other third-party applications as well?


Using them in production for a couple of months now.

I'm not sure how many titles they have, but "a lot". And if you need something they don't have, so far they've added it for me within 2-3 days tops (also considering the time difference). VERY responsive in the MacAdmin slack as well.