Collecting Physical Keyboard Layout and Case Color?

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Does anyone know if it is possible to collect (e.g. via Extension Attribute) the physical Keyboard Layout of a Macbook and the color of the Macbook (Space Gray / Silver / whatever)?


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Interesting question.... If you enter system_profiler SPBluetoothDataType into Terminal, it outputs all of the Bluetooth connected devices. Here's a portion of what that outputs for me on my Mac mini. What I didn't see was something identifying what color my keyboard is. I thought maybe the product ID would be unique to the Space Gray Apple keyboard with Touch ID, but it doesn't appear to be. If there is any info in this output that identifies the keyboard specifically as either Space Gray or Silver you would need to start with SPBluetoothDataType and then grep what ever part of the output identifies the keyboard color. I don't think this information is collected though.

 Bluetooth Controller:

          Address: 20:A5:CB:CC:39:DF

          State: On

          Chipset: BCM_4388

          Discoverable: Off

          Firmware Version:

          Product ID: 0x4A15

          Supported services: 0x382039 < HFP AVRCP A2DP HID Braille AACP GATT SerialPort >

          Transport: PCIe

          Vendor ID: 0x004C (Apple)


          Howie’s Magic Keyboard:

              Address: 08:95:42:EE:0E:2D

              Vendor ID: 0x004C

              Product ID: 0x029F

              Firmware Version: 1.4.8

              Minor Type: Keyboard

              Services: 0x800020 < HID ACL >

          Howie’s Magic Trackpad:

              Address: BC:D0:74:BA:06:38

              Vendor ID: 0x004C

              Product ID: 0x0265

              Firmware Version: 1.9.2

              Minor Type: AppleTrackpad

              Services: 0x800020 < HID ACL >

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Hi, see if this fits your needs for the keyboard layout EA.


KEYBOARD_LAYOUT=$(defaults read /Library/Preferences/ AppleEnabledInputSources | grep "KeyboardLayout Name" | awk '{printf "%s ", $4}'| sed 's/;.$//' | tr -d '"')
echo "<result>$KEYBOARD_LAYOUT</result>"

exit 0

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Someone had the same question about gathering the mac color a few months ago in the post below. It is possible, but not really worth the effort. You need to identify every Model Number in your environment, and make the EA with if statements to connect a certain Model Number to a color. This would need to be updated every time you get a new model number.


Solved: Set name from iMac M1 based on color - Jamf Nation Community - 288210


An example script, it would need every Model Number in your environment added. The Model Numbers are color specific, but change with custom SKUs.

#!/usr/bin/env bash
serialNumber=$(system_profiler SPHardwareDataType | awk '/Serial/ {print $4}')
modelNumber=$(system_profiler SPSoftwareDataType SPHardwareDataType | awk '/Model Number/ {print $3}')

if [ "Z12U000SEFN/A" == "$modelNumber" ]
	echo "Someone got a pink iMac"
	scutil --set ComputerName "pink $serialNumber"
	echo "thank god its not pink"

if [ "MK193LL/A" == "$modelNumber" ]
	echo "Good, someone has the only correct color; space gray"
	scutil --set ComputerName "Space Gray $serialNumber"
	echo "Its not space gray?!?! What is wrong with this person"