Configuration Profiles (WiFi) Installed but Not Taking Affect

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In a student iPad all the necessary profiles are installed including WiFi configuration profile (setup for students SSID) but when we choose "students" SSID and try to connect then it doesn't work. Why a configuration profile would be installed but won't work, I can't digest it.


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@khurram sounds like the wireless payload has something incorrect or other things are needed to the payloads settings to take effect.

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temporary solution to this problem is as follows.

  • connect to WiFi using "other" SSID
  • in JSS move the department from "ontoone-ipads" to "shared-ipads" and then back to "onetoone-ipads"

you will notice that all the configuration profiles take effect, in our case like followings.

  • Exchange
  • Webclips
  • Restrictions
  • WiFi


Now move from "other" SSID to "student" and delete "other" SSID from the ipad.

all is well but I am trying to stop this from happening in first place.

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It sounds like it will be the security type, password poor something along g those lines in the wireless payload.

It will normally connect straight away to the wireless network if it has the details in a profile.

Other possibility is that whatever network it is initially using to receive the profile via MDM is being remembered.

I take it you're using WPA-PSK?


As a side-check. Make sure you don't have another configuration with the SSID set up on it as well. You'll generally see this conflict in an Apple Configurator / Wireless setup, but its worth taking a look at just in case.

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Is there a wireless payload being installed via Apple Configurator as well? Are they the same SSID?

EDIT: Oops didn't see the comment above. I agree, we found issues with what he mentions as well in that scenario.