DEP QuickAdd failed to download

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Hello -

I'm running into an issue with a Yosemite client that is successfully enrolling with the JSS via a PreStage DEP enrollment. The client successfully enrolls and the MDM profile gets installed, but I am receiving the following error - "DEP QuickAdd failed to download. Use the Purchases page to try again."

I have tried including the QuickAdd package from Composer in the Policy, but that doesn't seem to address the issue.

Has anyone else seen this?



I am getting the same thing rolling out to a Yosemite system. No idea what is causing it though...

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I saw this for the first time today. No idea what's causing it, but it is preventing me from enrolling a Yosemite client. The strange thing is I'm not using DEP, so I'm really confused as to what the issue is. The QuickAdd package installs the management framework, but it appears as if the client cannot submit inventory to the JSS, so the client never appears in our JSS. Has anyone been able to work around this?

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I ran into this as well earlier this week. Using all my tricks, I still couldn't get enrollment to work. Below is an entry in the log file. I did a removeFramework and tried again. Additionally, the pkg wasn't not in use as I had just downloaded it. When I opened the App Store, I saw the DEP message as @skline mentioned.

The desktop tech did a time machine migration to a new box, then was trying to enroll. Once he wiped the machine, enrolled it, then did the time machine, all was good. He didn't look at the App Store for that DEP error message before deploying it, however. Are you guys migrating data with TM before enrollment?

some information changed below

Dec 3 14:05:11 installd[414]: postinstall: /tmp/PKInstallSandbox.qNHfF6/Scripts/com.jamfsoftware.osxenrollment.P3ujAE/postinstall: line 10: 854 Segmentation fault: 11 /usr/sbin/jamf enroll -invitation 331436483647999937153463312757780661688 -endUsername "hidden" -realname "hidden, really" -email "user@domain" -position "Political Scapegoat" -department "Information Systems" -phone "555-555-5555" -room "L-6-12" -ldapServerID 1 -userID "5589255" Dec 3 14:05:11 installd[414]: postinstall: Enrollment Failed. This PKG may be used already.

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@skline @mjames @pearlin @thoule

This is actually an issue that we do know about; we’ve got it filed under D-007893.

If you have not already, please get in touch with your Technical Account Manager either by giving them a call, sending an e-mail to, or using the My Support section of JAMF Nation to get a case started.

The more information we can get gathered and attached, the more helpful it is for our testing and for our QA & Dev teams, and some of the log files we may want to look at are not files we’d want to have posted publicly as they may contain sensitive information.

If you have any questions on the above please feel free to ask.

Amanda Wulff
JAMF Software Support


I'm running into this while testing PreStage Enrollments, and I noticed that it usually happens when the computer is already in my Casper inventory. Deleting the computer record from Casper's inventory before running through the PreStage Enrollment / Apple Setup Assistant seems to do the trick for me. I'm on JSS 9.62 and testing this with OS X 10.10.1.

I was doing some testing with this today, and this is what I see in my jamf.log when the "DEP QuickAdd failed to download" error pops up on my screen:

Mon Jan 12 12:38:19 TestMac jamf[878]: Error installing the computer level mdm profile: profiles install for file:'/Library/Application Support/JAMF/tmp/mdm.mobileconfig' and user:'root' returned 102 (The operation couldn’t be completed. (CPFAccess error 102.))

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I'm having a similar problem. I have a computer that is showing MDM Capability: No all of a sudden. No errors preceding this... nothing unusual at all. When I remove it from inventory and then try to re-enroll it, I get the same CPFAccess 102 error. Nothing I do is allowing me to re-enroll with MDM capability. Very frustrating.

Forgot to mention... I am unable to remove the MDM profile from Sys Prefs. Minus button is greyed out.

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Any update on this defect, Experiencing similar issues on update to date jamfcloud instance.


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Same issue on JSS 9.7/OSX 10.10.3. I tried removing the system from inventory as @wyip suggested, but still receive the CPFAccess error: 102 on the client.

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We've reported this as well (D-007893). Hoping to see resolution soon. The move toward using DEP with OS X clients will need to wait a bit (joins the queue of other projects requiring "fixes").

WWDC2015-What's New in Managing Apple Devices

Pretty cool, but can we trust much of it to actually work as advertised? Will a QA team test before release? Reply hazy try again ...

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We are also having the same issue. Preparing to deploy several thousand laptops and would very much like a resolution to this.


I'm working on a DEP enrollment today and this error is coming up. It appears to be the same error that everyone else is getting. 704ed6900f2743fc905bda63840a92f1

The JSS is a JAMFCloud hosted JSS v9.73.x. The odd thing is that this error is presented, but the computer completes the full enrollment process. The computer creates a management account, it installs the JAMF binary, it installs Self Service, it creates items in /Library/LaunchAgents and /Library/LaunchDaemons and it checks in with the JSS and submits a full inventory record.

The QuickAdd Package installation is being handled by the App Store and until the error is cleared, it's a download in LaunchPad without an icon.

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I am seeing the same thing as @nkoval. I have the 102 error in jam.log. Hosted JSS, 9.72. The iMac is enrolled and has MDM Capability Yes. I'm still new to the Casper ways of Mac management so I'm not sure why QuickAdd would be needed.. Submitting to Support now.


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I just had the same thing happen to me. "DEP QuickAdd failed to download". Self Service is installed though.

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Having the same results on a hosted JSS 9.73 instance. I was told that the issue can be fixed (from JAMF staff) by going to the PreStage enrollment and checking "Allow MDM Profile Removal". Tried this, but still getting the popup error. Anyone else heard anything?

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I was told the same thing and can confirm that allowing MDM profile removal fixes the least for us.


We asked whether there was a way to make the MDM profile non-removable later via script, policy, etc., but were told there was not. In that case, I think it's preferable to ignore the error which does not appear to mean anything rather than forego one of the best benefits of DEP.

It's disappointing that we saw this a month ago at our Jumpstart, and it's been discussed for nine months in this thread without resolution.


After looking at the log files, there is an error being thrown that the downloaded quick add package is trying to replace the mdm profile but it isn't allowed to. By allowing the profile to be removed it seems to work fine.

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@nkoval Interesting, I am testing DEP for the very first time and I got this error. MDM removal was allowed in my test configuration.

Still unresolved in 9.81?

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@dferrara Same situation: Testing DEP for the first time (Macs), same error, MDM removal is allowed. Using 9.81.

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Adding my info here - its slightly different:

Running JSS 9.81 clustered (one inside instance, one DMZ instance) and Java 7 (just downgraded as AWS won't play w/Java 8).

DEP devices that are reimaged w/o Casper should be pulling down the MDM profile and the JAMF binaries (quickadd). The MDM profile comes down fine, however the binaries never flow through. Have tried this repeatedly on a 10.10.5 and a 10.11.1 machine, both with clean AppStore-based OS builds. I'm not even seeing the AppStore error like I used to, its just fails completely. I know this was working prior to the 9.81 release, so not sure if 9.81 broke this or not.

Additionally, I also use Meraki Systems Manager only for lost devices (free MDM with DEP for < 100 devices). When reassigning the same machine in DEP from the JSS to Meraki and then linking an MDM profile to the device in Meraki, I have no problems whatsoever. The MDM profile and all comes down 100% and the machine is visible/manageable in their interface.


Just right now we are experiencing the same Problem as described in the first Post.

JSS: 9.81
OSX: 10.11

Those macs just came from Apple, are assigned properly within the JSS to the PreStage Enrollment.
We added all Certificates/Intermediate Certificates we have around our JSS to the PreStage.
The MDM Profile installs properly, it is set as Mandatory and removing is allowed (as described in other posts)

Now the client complains about "DEP QuickAdd failed, please repurchase".
Looking into the log (/var/log/jamf.log)
It states
The SSL Certificate for must be trusted for the jamf binary to connect to it.
There was an error.
Error enrolling computer: Invald Message - The Message could not be parsed."

Did anyone see this issue and has a fix for it?
Removing the Enforcement of the Certificate Trust doesnt help out.
The Webpage loads fine in Safari without complaining about the cert.

jamf policy works completely, even says it is upgrading the jamf binary etc.
jamf manage fails because the computer is not enrolled

any suggestions?

Additionally i just opened a case, i'll let you know if there is/was a fix for my problem.

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Hm, I'm seeing exactly this while trying out DEP. I really thought I was doing something wrong, but it's obviously something less entertaining. :(
Is DEP of OS X computer really this disappointing?

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@bollman Are you running 9.82? It sounded like a few bugs were ironed out. I haven't done much with with DEP since 9.81.

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Aha, well, that could be a reason to upgrade then. We had a nasty experience with 9.8 and are reluctant to upgrade nowadays ;)
I'll look into that, because I can't really get it to work properly at all, it doesn't enroll whatever I do, it looks strange and half done so it might be some 10.11-bug they've ironed out in 9.82.

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@Bolland I hear you, I was hoping 9.81/9.82 would be "the release" for getting this to work. It seems iOS is still where the excitement is, at least for now. Let us know the results if you try it with 9.82.

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@jreinstedler We are having the exact issue like yours with our JSS (Clustered 9.81). Did you manage to get the issue fixed?


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We got it fixed by changing the Limited Access settings on the public facing WebApps to "Computer and Mobile Device Access".
Product Issue (D-009016)