Error Occurred While Running Policy "Update Inventory" on Computer "xxx"


Hi folks,

for a few weeks now we've been getting messages that the inventory has failed. The log looks like this:

An error occurred while running the policy "Update Inventory" on the computer "xxx".

Actions from policy log:

	Executing Policy Update Inventory
	Running Recon...
	Retrieving inventory preferences from
	Locating accounts...
	Locating package receipts...
	Searching path: /System/Applications
	Locating software updates...
	Locating plugins...
	Locating printers...
	Searching path: /Applications
	Locating hardware information (macOS 12.2.1)...
	Software update timed out after 300 seconds.

The complete policy log is available in the JSS at:

Computer Info: 
ID:		xxx
IP Address:	xxx
Serial Number:	xxx

 Can someone tell me what's going wrong? The inventory there for too long and then he breaks it off?




We've also been seeing this behaviour for the last couple of weeks - I was wondering if it was something related to our infrastructure but clearly it's a wider issue

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You may want to check the policy itself.... Looks like you have softwareupdates running with the inventory update, and it's timing out on the software update

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Looks as if the softwareupated got stuck and needs to be kicked with  "sudo /bin/launchctl kickstart -k system/".


It looks like the solution is the one posted by @gachowski  at

I adjusted the update inventory policy and added sudo launchctl kickstart -k system/ under Files and Processes

No need for sudo though?

No sudo needed when run from the MDM, but needed when run by user from command-line.


Exactly, that's what I was saying. the OP has sudo in their policy, and I was asking why.