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Good morning all,

Starting this morning, I'm having a problem with the download of each package from one of our Jamf File Share Distribution Points.

At the end of each URL call appears the string "/
This causes problems with downloads that don't start..
Has anyone else had this kind of problem?

Thanks everyone in advance!
Giulio F.


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I think the issue might be spaces in your filenames - it’s worth renaming files that include spaces with underscores instead, and re-test.

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@fabbrigiulio , we're facing the same issue now... were you able to find a solution for this?

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We fixed this after about two months...
It was a change made on the NetScaler of our Firewall that blocked all unauthenticated access.
Our JamfShare was without authentication and for this reason we could no longer distribute the packages.

To overcome this problem we had created a script with Curl that would automatically download from JamfShare

I hope I was helpful!