Giving out Securetokens

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Hi there

I need some help please.

I have an Extension attribute and Smart group to show me all users where the SecureToken is Disabled. We have a management account whereby in terminal you can manually give a ST to someone that does not have a ST using the sysadminctl command which works great.

I now want to be able to dish out a SecureToken by automation to the Smart Group I mention above. Can somebody help me here please?



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Hi, Anyone?


@user-OHTrLNQCsZ unfortunately you cannot do this fully automatic. What you can do is to provide a script for example via self service. Then the user who should get a secure token from your management account has to enter his password to receive the token. I use parts or this script from Travelling Tech guy here to accomplish this goal:
Script to manage Secure Tokens on macOS 10.14.2+
Hope this will help you.