How to NetBoot/Netinstall/NetRestore with Touch Bar Late 2016 Macbook's

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Hello Jamf family,

Lot's of discussion on what could be the best practice to Netboot Apple's newest machines. Haven't come across one that's clear nor exact, which has created more an more discussions.

If your location only uses one specific model, then the process will be very simple, which is why some people are not having the same issue as others. If you use a 15" or 13" to create your Netboot images, then the image you created using a 15" won't work on a 13" due to the different build number. Same goes for a 13", won't work on a 15". The same goes for an iMac.

The best practice would be to have a device for each build. Might sound like a lot of work but, this is Apple we're dealing with.

As for Dongles no issues with the Belkin USB-C to Gig Ethernet and Tripp-Lite Dongle7eca75ffcd3d4bfb94fe5496bd432a4f