In House App - Unable to upload the specified file



I'm trying to upload an ios in house app to our JSS but I'm constantly getting the error "Unable to upload the specified file" after trying to upload. I have followed the documentation on how to do this but still can't get it to work. Have tried more than one app.

Can any point me in the right direction or are there some sort of logs I can check?


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How are you uploading the app into the JSS? Just trying to upload the .app bundle directly into Casper Admin, or did you package it up with Composer or something else to make it a DMG or PKG?


Sorry I should have clarified that I'm trying to upload an inhouse ios app with the .ipa extension.

All the apps I've tried to upload have been built by our developer with provisioning profile embedded, have also tried with profile embedded.

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I liked it when you mentioned IPA, but for other reasons. I've not done this with iOS so I won't be much help. I'm sure someone else will be able to though.

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Hi Tim

We've seen this issue before, the solution I received from JAMF was as follows:


We feel this could be caused by the max packet size in MySQL not being large enough. Here are some instructions to increase it:

On the server, navigate to /Library/JSS/bin and open up the JSSDatabaseUtil.jar file there. Then, go to the Utilities menu up in the Menu Bar. Choose to change the MySQL settings. In here, move the slider to a size that is slightly larger than the size of the .IPA file. Apply the changes, which will restart MySQL. Also, use the Utilities menu to restart Tomcat. Now, we should be able to upload that file successfully.

One other item of note, the Bundle Identifier line for In-House Apps needs to be exact. We recommend loading the iPhone Configuration Utility on a computer, and then dragging the .IPA file into it. It should then show you the Bundle ID. Copy and paste this into the JSS, ensuring that there are no spaces before or after the words.


Increasing the size fixed it for us.