Installing a .app to /Applications folder NOT using Composer

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Hi all, 

So short story, I don't have access to Composer (yet) and would like to try to utilize some basic policy / scripts to be able to extract a .app application to the waiting room, move it to the /Applications folder. It's odd to me that there isn't a built in feature that extracts an app and places it in the Applications folder as so many companies simply just have DMGs that direct you to drag and drop the .app to the Applications folder nowadays. But I digress. Is there a simple two step way of getting a DMG to cache its contents to the "Waiting Room", then move the .app to the Applications folder. Is it that simple?  Thanks for any insight!


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Not sure why you don't have access to composer if you're using jamf pro, but to answer your question... You could probably run a script to mount your DP, and copy the .app directly to the /Applications folder with proper permissions.

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A script seems like the long way to do this. I wouldn't use a script to mount the DP. Doesn't seem secure (Hard-coding credentials) or efficient. Just build a package with another tool and deploy it with Jamf.



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To jump off of what @mehlers mentioned, why exactly don't you have access to Composer yet? Is it because you don't have an account on that's tied to your Jamf Pro license? Because if you do have that, you can download the Mac Jamf Pro installer and the Jamf tools, including Composer, are contained within the downloaded disk image.

In any event, apologies for the self promotion here, but I use a tool of my own creation to package up apps that ship in disk images like you're referring to. You can find it here in case it suites your needs - App-Packager