New Jamf Nation portal is amazing!

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Jamf Team, thank you for all-new Jamf Nation portal! It looks great and modern! 

First question I have - where are 3rd party products, versions tracking? Dropped? IMO it was useful 


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I'm not quite sure how I feel about the all new Jamf Nation yet.... It's going to take a little bit to get used to it.  I do like some upgrades, but I do miss the easy "forum" look.  😊

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"Send a message" is nice new thing

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I dont like it. Its not defined and difficult to navigate.


It's definitely not amazing. It's hard to read and navigate. I cannot help myself to comment on this, just because of the new "Design", if the team had heard of this word.

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There's a design inconsistency between the page listing posts and how they are delineated then on each post, there's no delineation between each authors comment.

There's definitely going to be a period of acclimatisation but its a lot tidier than before.


[edit] Did I just see that comments are autosaved while composing?


Screenshot 2021-07-14 at 14.31.51.png

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I rely on the 3rd party products for a few items. This is not sitting well with me or my company. 

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I'm actually really enjoying the new look. This change was long overdue. 

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I don't like this. Content takes up only like half of the available space and the elements that are there are spaced too far apart. I like the design elements, just not how it's presented if that makes sense

The font on the actual content is a tad too small, especially as that's where the meat is. As I said above, its a design inconsistency with the posts page where the font is 16px but only 14px here.

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Community Manager

Thank you for so many comments so early after launch. This really speaks to the dedication and passion you all have around Jamf Nation! In regard to the Jamf Pro Add-Ons/Third-Party products — we communicated in a post to the Jamf Nation community last week that this section was being shifted to another location. The space had very low usage, as well as outdated content. In order to help mitigate the risks of Jamf Nation members finding and using outdated materials, we asked that the content move. As Sam showed in this thread, we’d love for our eligible developers to post their content within their Jamf Marketplace listings. If you’re not a partner, we now added the ability for you to add personal website and GitHub accounts to your profile. Please continue to share your resources in those spaces as a way to continuously help our Jamf Nation. Thank you for your continued focus on helping this community succeed with Apple!

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It's taking a little getting used to. But I feel that's par for the course with any major re-design. One neat thing I noticed is that you can now edit your feature requests!

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@JeniA One of the useful aspects of the third party postings was not the sub-page of the website itself, but the notification of new patches available that came up in bold on the main discussion posts page of JAMFNation. 

Will those sections be repeated in the developer/marketplace area?

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Is it just me or is it now impossible to have an inline code block now? The old Markdown trick of a ` before and after what you wanted flagged as code no longer works, and clicking the "Insert/Edit code sample" forces a whole new block like this:


inline code


 If so, that's a pretty dain bramaged loss of functionality from the old forum software. Please put it on the "Features we really need to carry over" list.

Edit: Ok, how did the new "Insert/Edit code example" entry window make it to release without having a "Shell Script" option for the language? And why is the icon to access it hidden behind the "Expand toolbar" button? If you analyze the content of Jamf Nation I suspect you'd find that was probably the most used, or not used where appropriate, formatting tool in the old forum. 

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I’m in agreement with @sdagley 

First off, I’m posting this reply from my iPhone and I don’t even see the option for code markup in the toolbar? Where do I access it in the mobile version of the site? Does Jamf actually remember that this is a technical forum and people will want to post things like code snippets or entire scripts? This isn’t just some social networking site. The only options I see for marking up my post are bold, italic, lists, links and images. Sheesh! Please bring back the full code markup, and like @sdagley mentioned, the inline code option was very useful. I used that myself a lot, so not having it anymore is a definite loss. 

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@mm2270 Can you send a screenshot of this to or DM me with it? Mobile users should be able to see this in the toolbar.

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I definitely miss seeing when products have been updated in one place ie Browsers, Microsoft Products etc.  I also feel like we see less useful information in the same amount of screen real estate in order to fit the new UI.  Not sure about the new UI...

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Its different but a freshen up never hurts, the UI is nice but still finding my way around

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I don't mind the visual remodel to much, but not being able to open a support ticket via you profile and no visible link to feature requests. Seems like they ran out time and said meh good enough.

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Is there a way to change the order in which threads are displayed? I like the previous way were the thread with the newest post was on top, now the order seems to depend on the thread creation, which I don't find useful. As others have already pointed out 'too little contents per display area, too many graphical elements'.

Oh, and emails for this and that - what a strange idea in times where everybody already gets too many emails...


Hi @mschroder You can change how posts are displayed in your preferences. Go to My Settings > Preferences > Display. Here you'll see the option of Linear of Threaded format. 

Similarly, if you would like to not receive emails regarding Jamf Nation, you can change this in your preferences. Go to My Settings > Personal > Email and check the box next to Do not send me any community emails.

I hope this helps!

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Hi Calley,


thanks for the info, I think I found the correct combination of options now (Threaded layout & newest first), time will tell whether this is the most convenient for me. The difference between 'Personal' and 'Preferences' settings looks articifial to me. And I think the wording for the 'Do not send me any community emails.' could be improved, as it is not clear what community emails are.

Best regards.