Unable to move Self Service app in Home Screen Layout

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Finally found a way to move the settings app in home screen layout (thanks to cdenesha link: https://jamfnation.jamfsoftware.com/discussion.html?id=19483 ) but I am having absolutely no luck with the self service app. When I type in "Self Service" in the apps the address it puts in is com.jamfsoftware.selfservice and I'm thinking this isn't the correct address for Self Service pushed out by the JSS. Does anybody happen to have any knowledge on this?


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Have just seen that my settings list the Self Service app as a webclip but even though in Home Screen Layout I change it to "web clip" instead of "application" I am having no success. Wondering if Jamf still haven't fixed the fact that Webclips can't be configured with home screen layout?

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I don't think so, still no way to arrange webclips on the home screens over MDM in JSS, and Self Service is technically one, so..

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If you're still using the web clip version of Self Service, this might be a reason for you to switch to using the "real" application version of it, which is much nicer.

We are using both right now, the webclip on our old iPads that are still using VPP1 and the auto-installed app on our supervised, VPP2 iPads. It's not too hard to switch your setup around so you can compare the two.