Deploying AdobeCC with Jamf School

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My district recently purchased Jamf School to manage all of our iPads and a lab full of iMacs.  So far I haven't run into many issues with enrolling devices and deploying apps, but I've hit a wall when it comes to Adobe CC.  I've searched the forum here for solutions, but most of them seem to involve Jamf Pro tools, and I haven't been successful with the few workarounds I've seen.  I have tried using Composer to package the installer and I was even sent a script by Jamf support to download the package from Google Drive and install it, but with no luck.


I have tried deploying the package for the stand alone creative cloud app as well as packages with some of the Adobe apps included.  I'm using the Apple Silicon versions right now, but would eventually like to deploy the Intel packages as well for some of our older iMacs.


Does anyone have another suggestion for this macOS/Jamf newb?  Thank you


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You may need to request the Composer app from Jamf to re/package it, but take a look at this thread.