Push out apps to units without using an managed appleID

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I am trying to configure our profiles so that supervised Ipads will get apps of our choice pushed out to the Ipad at the beginning of the installation and also have the possibility to do it after OOB installation. 
I am currently having trouble doing this without having to be logged into the app store with an managed applied. 

The reason for this solution is that we want the users on premise to be able to use in app purchase with non managed appleids. 

Does anyone have a solution for this using device groups for an example? I cannot find documentation for this and i am starting to think it might not be possible.. Thank full for any suggestions!


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Are you not using Volume Purchasing to assign Apps to Jamf, and let Jamf assign licenses to devices (instead of users)?

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Depending on your organization, Apple School Manager or Apple business manager is where you go to "buy" the apps. Not all apps are in the store, but all mainstream apps are there. You will "buy" X number of the app even if it is free. Then assign it to your JAMF Instance. Wait a few minutes, it will show up in your JAMF Instance under Devices\Mobile Device Apps in the unassigned category. Place it in a category, assign it to a smart or static group, and set to "Install Automatically" under General Tab.

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