Wlan based profile ? Is there a way to do it, in Jamf School

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i have an request of a little private school, they want to add ipads in their school, all these ipads are byod, and so they not supervised. But they want when the ipad is in the schools wlan, that only apps, allowed by the school, are useable on the ipads ( could be done with an layout profile) .

any ideas how this could be achieved ?


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I have an idea, though I have no experience in practice. You may want to look at setting up a Region (Organization > Settings > Regions) and then configure a smart group for those iPads to be added once they are in the region. So, by adding the profile, the iPads will have that profile applied by being added to the group once they are in the region.

The catch will be that Regions is a bit awkward... Location based on IP address is not great for us, since it seems our "location" has changed every couple of weeks, up to 50 miles from our actual location. Your situation may be different.

Hope this was helpful or gave you some ideas.


The joys of BYOD. If I was a student and a school wanted me to bring my iPad so they could stomp all over it, I would just leave it at home.