I'm looking for a new position as an Apple Systems Engineer or similar

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This area is for posting job openings but I wanted to let others know that I am looking for a new position. I have been working for a large MSP as a contractor since August. I have enjoyed the work. I help manage hundreds of Jamf Pro servers. This has been a great experience. Because of budgeting and company changes, I may not be working for the company beyond March 31. I'm linking my LinkedIn profile below. It has all of my past and present experience. I'm located in Dallas/Fort Worth. I've been doing remote work since August. I'm happy to continue being remote, or if there's an office in DFW, I can work onsite or hybrid as needed. If anyone knows about any open positions, please let me know.




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A few years ago I helped a Texas MSP with a Jamf client, all pretty nice folks. https://www.netgeniusinc.com/

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Thank you!

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I'm about to be in the same boat, unfortunately, and I also have to look for my next opportunity. Best of luck!

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I do not have any contacts for you unfortunately. However, JAMF does have a job board and the MacAdmins Slack has really good resources and connections.


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