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Hi folks, If you're in the vicinity of Austin, Texas, you might be interested that we're putting together a meetup to get to know some of our fellow Casper users. It's the first in the area that we know of, so we're hoping the turn out will be pretty...
Hi folks, We're testing Casper 9 while we maintain Casper 8 in production and have come across a puzzling discrepancy between the two when looking at setting up JSS accounts for folks whom we want to grant limited JSS access. I'm hoping we've just mi...
We ran into this on a Mavericks system in our environment today, and I didn't see mention of it here in the JAMF community... It's kind of ugly so thought I'd share it here in case anyone else runs into it.
We started getting JSS database backup errors a couple days ago. The automatic overnight backups seem to run without issue (backup files are created and end up where they are supposed to) but then the run throws an error and sends a "failed" email to...
Looking at this -- -- and wondering if anyone out there is crafting policies to disable Java in the various browsers of choice. We're thinking about it. Thought I'd see if anyone ...
I'm an IT nyancat. I nyan IT in Austin, Texas.