AD bind showing up as "no"

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Good day all,

Just received a couple of 2021 14" M1 based MacBook Pro's running 12.3.  After finishing up pre-stage, I have a list of policies that are run.  The first policy will change the computer name to match the serial number.  Then there is a laundry list of software that is installed.  Finally, the MacBook is bound to the domain.  In a perfect world, once the binding occurs, the MacBook will receive a client cert from the CA that matches the computer name (serial number).  The problem with the M1's is that when the bind occurs, the AD object is showing up as "no name" in AD, so when the CA issues the certificate, it is also showing up as "no".  Wondering if anyone else has run into this issue with the M1's?  Should there be a reboot between changing the name and binding to AD?


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I've seen this issue sporadically as well, with Intel machines running Catalina.  I'm still trying to get to the root of it, because it doesnt happen all the time.

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We don't bind our notebooks to AD so can't help with that part, however, we do have a script to rename the Mac to match our naming convention, and unlike Intel Macs, the M1 Pro/Max Macs will not update the computer name till the Mac has been rebooted.  It is not too much of a big deal for us, but I have been trying to find a way to update the name without rebooting, and have not had much luck so far.  Maybe try and perform the bind after the first reboot?

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Also, I think if I remember correctly the no name issue used to happen when binding using a configuration profile, so maybe try it with a policy instead.