Automated Device Enrollment Instance expired

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Hi Jamf team,


Our Automated Device Enrollment Instance server token expired. I followed this steps to renew it 

however, every time I try to upload the key it gives me " the file received was not valid" error 

I can't see any difference between last year token name and this year except the date. I don't understand why it throws error.

I would be appreciated if you could help me in this matter

Many thanks




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Hi, this is the process I followed to update ADE:

Obtain a new Public Key:

  1. In Jamf, at top-right corner of the page, click Settings
  2. Click Global Management.
  3. Click Automated Device Enrollment.
  4. Click Public Key to download the public key. (upper right hand corner)


Renewing the Server Token File:

  1. Log in to the Apple Business Manager.
  2. In the sidebar bottom left, click Settings.
  3. In the middle section of your screen, scroll down to MDM Server
  4. In the MDM Server, select your MDM for Jamf
  5. On the right side, click Edit
  6. Scroll down to where you can upload a key
  7. This is where you'll upload the Public key that was downloaded from Jamf
  8. Click Apply (upper right corner)
  9. Click on Download Token to download the server token..


Uploading the Server Token File to Renew Automated Device Enrollment in Jamf Pro:

  1. Back into Jamf, at top-right corner of the page, click Settings (Gear icon)
  2. Click Global Management.
  3. Click Automated Device Enrollment and select the account in there
  4. Click on Edit
  5. Click upload server token file to upload the server token file (.p7m) you downloaded from Apple.
  6. Click Save

We had a slightly different experience with Apple School Manager when compared to the instructions above.

Logging into ASM as an Administrator, the Setting location was not as described above. I found it by selecting the user in the bottom left corner of the screen and clicking on Preferences in the popup menu. The MDM servers then appeared in a middle column and clicking on our JAMF server brought the Edit button.


Most of the rest of the directions worked for uploading the Key and downloading the Token and uploading it in JAMF. We also got the "Information is out of Date. Awaiting next Sync" message, but logging out of JAMF and back in made the message go away, and our alert that the token was out of date disappeared. The expiration date for the Token is now one year out.

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Same issue here. When downloading the token for some reason the extension is left off. You just need to rename the file and add the *.p7m extension to it.

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Ok - after getting the "public key" uploaded to Apple School Manager - I was able to get a token that uploaded to JAMF. Then I go the message "informaiton is out of date. Awaiting next sync"

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I am getting the error "The file received was not valid" as well. My files end with ".p7m". Did anyone figure this out?

The fix is described in this thread.

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Its funny how the video omits a crucial part of the process, of download the Public key and uploading it into ASM. I even found the wrong directions in the admin guide.

Jamf really needs to stop adding "features" and fix the stuff like documentation thats is out of date and the 37 Product Issue i have with the over priced "cream" of the crop Apple management Suite.

I am glad i found this post, saved me yet another support session that we would go back and forth for who knows how many emails.


Thanks for posting this.  So far I haven't gotten a response back from Jamf Support but this fixed my issue.

I followed their posted video, which they need to update it seems to include the information about adding a new public key to the apple MDM side before generating a new Token.  


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The film needs to be updated to reflect the updated version of Apple School manager. 


The new work flow is as follows;

1. Log into ASM or ABM

2. Click on profile - bottom left corner 

3. Choose preferences

4. Clickin MDM server

5. Click Download token. 

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This was great, all steps were accurate except a couple because JAMF has changed their settings console. Still can follow through the steps.

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Hello, sorry to resurrect this thread but I'm still struggling with this process. I am having invalid server token problems too and am trying to add a new public key to the apple MDM side of things to see if that solves it.

However, I don't seem to have an option on Jamf (I'm using Jamf school) to download a new public key at all The option just...isn't there in the settings. Has anyone else come across this?