How to change settings using the configuration profile payload

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I am trying to change the settings on multiple Macs, but it is not working.
If anyone knows how to solve this problem, please let me know.

What I would like to achieve.
-Check "Mark addresses not ending with" (>Settings>Composing)
- Put any address in the blank field
- Achieve the above two points using the payload function of the configuration profile

What I have tried
I thought the following plist was relevant for the configuration.

However, when I uploaded the plist reflecting the settings from Jamf>Configuration Profiles>Application & Custom settings>Upload, it was not reflected in


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What I would like to achieve.
-Enable  "Mark addresses not ending with"
- Put specified addresses in the blank field

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Here is an example of how to enable "Mark addresses not ending with" and add specific addresses to the list using a configuration profile:

  1. Create a new configuration profile in Jamf.

  2. Under "Application & Custom Settings," select "Add" and choose "Custom Settings."

  3. Name the setting, such as "Mail Settings," and select "Add Payload."

  4. In the "Payload Type" dropdown, choose ""

  5. In the "PayloadContent" field, add the following XML code:


Replace the example email addresses with the addresses you want to whitelist.

  1. Save the configuration profile.

  2. Assign the configuration profile to the Macs you want to apply the Mail settings to.

Once the configuration profile is applied to the Macs, the Mail app should reflect the specified settings.