Issue updating VPP Apps on Computers

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We've been having some issues trying to update VPP apps, that were distributed via Self Service. Usually, I was able to the App Store -> Update and then update the VPP apps that show up. However, now every time I try to update I get the attached screenshot error. I thought the MDMClientError 72 was causing this error but even after that product issue was fixed, it still isn't updating


What is the correct procedure to update an app that came from Self Service


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Following - We have also been experiencing this. Cloud hosted, jamf pro 10.17.1 and macs running 10.15

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Are you distributing the app using VPP? Computers, Mac App Store Apps, VPP:
VPP Content - Assign VPP Content

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Anyone find a fix for this? Currently experiencing as well. Can't manually update and apps are not auto-updating either.

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Heres the fix that worked with me

1) Deleted the app from the affected device
2) Re-installed via Self Service (as for me the apps are assigned as VPP, but the distro method is self service)
3) After the VPP app is on the computer.. the update error disappears

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Unfortunately, your fix is more of a workaround than an actual fix, and it isn't something that's scalable. Because you're deleting the app and re-installing a VPP app, you're naturally going to pull down the latest version of the app since it's being pulled from Apple.

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@zake @mml7 This is related to this issue Jamf Nation post

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I've had this issue with Keynote trying to update it via VPP and MDM. Deleting the app manually, rebooting the Mac then pushing the app seems to work most of the time. Had a similar issue with Logic X and the above work for that too.