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I have a system that previously had good data from past inventory updates. Full hardware information. Now, suddenly, the hardware data is mostly empty. I've forced a new inventory update, but that didn't replace the information. Anyone else experience this? Jamf Pro 10.26.0 on-prem.


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We've seen this for at least a few weeks now on a handful of devices. We've been unable to figure out why. We've spoken to Jamf support and have an open case with them but at this point have not pinpointed the issue. All of these devices have Big Sur but since we have adopted Big Sur across the company it's hard to know if OS version makes any difference. This is affecting around ~10 laptops across our org of nearly 300. We originally stumbled across it because we use serial number for some workflows (which broke because of this) and then realized we aren't seeing other hardware information. I've got a smart group set-up to track this and randomly machines will get added and removed without us knowing exactly why at this point. It's very odd. We are on cloud running 10.26.0.


Throwing my hat in the ring here as well. We're seeing this as well. We allowed about 50 devices to upgrade to Big Sur and we see this on a handful of them.

@Madmax85 If Jamf support thinking this is an issue with Jamf Pro or something to check with Apple on?

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@jmariani I don't think they necessarily know at this point. The first recommended step I have so far from them is to have users just simply reboot their machines and hopefully it clears up with the next recon. We do have some people that have had their machines on for weeks. The second step that was recommended was to reinstall the binary via QuickAdd package. The third step was remove the MDM profile / remove management framework / try user initiated enrollment.

Interestingly enough I'm seeing machines drop out of the smart group I have set up to track when devices are missing their serial numbers. I'm trying to figure out why but I've noticed that some people have applied the 11.2 update while others appear to have possibly rebooted their machines. Now I'm down to 7 that don't have that information. I don't want to interrupt our users if possible so I've held off on any further troubleshooting for now. We have a machine that's showing up with this issue in Jamf Pro that's from someone that's no longer with the company and I'm hoping to spend some time with that.

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In case it helps, I just had this issue for the first time with a single Big Sur user. Re-enrolling did not help, but I noticed the user was missing a Bootstrap Token. I successfully created/escrowed one with:

sudo profiles install -type bootstraptoken

Yet that did not seem to fix it. Then I reset the user's privacy database and restarted, and on next startup the Mac submitted inventory and all was well:

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The only thing that fixed this for me on my Intel Mac mini running 11.2.3 was to remove the Jamf framework, delete the computer in Jamf and then re-enroll.

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Once we had our users update to the latest macOS version this issue seemed to go away. The people with the issue were running old MacOS versions and slowly as people updated the hardware collection was fine. I think most if not all are on 11.2.3 at this point. I’ve not seen it reoccur in the last few weeks.