RUM Policy

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I know this is probably silly, but I'm pulling my hair out over it....

I can run RemoteUpdateManager through Casper Remote and on my devices, but whenever I deploy it through policy or in Self Service it shows this error.

"sudo: RemoteUpdateManager: command not found"

Anyone have any ideas what could cause this? I know the target has an Adobe product installed and can run RUM from terminal.

Thanks in advance.


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What does the script say? I'm assuming it just says 'RemoteUpdateManager' rather than the full path to RUM?

I would do the full path (and do).

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I find that in scripts, it's best to have the whole path as well.

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Here's the script I'm using:

/usr/local/bin/RemoteUpdateManager $4 --action=$5
exit 0

Then just pass the arguments over, that way I can re-use the script for multiple policies depending on need.

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Can you confirm that RemoteUpdateManager is in the /usr/local/bin/ folder?

This is my policy:

You also don't need sudo if you're running it from Self Service.

Hope this helps!

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The full path did it. So dumb! Thanks all. I knew it was a slight oversight.

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I wrote a script that ceates a logfile, open it with console, start RUM so the end user can see RUM is doing something (or not).


### Niels Illem
### 7 december 2015
### Version 2.0
### For OS X 10.11 change path to /usr/local/bin

### Script to start the Adobe RemoteUpdateManager using Self Service

# Close all Adobe App's and browsers
kill $(pgrep Adobe)

killall "Google Chrome"
killall Safari
kill -9 $(ps -x | grep 'firefox' | awk '{print $1}')

# Get current user
currentuser=`ls -l /dev/console | cut -d " " -f 4`
echo Current user: $currentuser

# Remove existing logfile
rm -rf /Users/$currentuser/Library/Logs/RemoteUpdateManager.log

# Show Console so you can see RUM is running/installing
touch /Users/$currentuser/Library/Logs/RemoteUpdateManager.log
chmod 777 /Users/$currentuser/Library/Logs/RemoteUpdateManager.log

sleep 1

open /Users/$currentuser/Library/Logs/RemoteUpdateManager.log

sleep 1

# Start RUM

# Close console when RUM is ready
sleep 10
killall Console

exit 0