Self Service icons vanishing

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Has anyone else see some of their custom icons for their Self Service policies disappearing? Some, not all, of my icons aren't just switching to the default, but when I go to fix that situation the custom icon isn't even in the list of those available anymore. I'm not entirely sure exactly when this started, but it seems to have begun sometime this summer.



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I believe there is a bug where if you clone a policy with an icon, that icon gets deleted. I would open a case with support to verify/report.


Yes, as jbisgett mentions there is a bug with Self Service. A PI has been filed so hopefully it will be fixed soon (PI110378 Self Service Icons gets deleted if you delete a cloned Policy).

The problem occours if you clone a policy for Self Service and then delete the original. Just had this happen for Cisco AnyConnect. The icon disappears for Jamf Pro and needs to be uploaded again.

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Thanks for the replies! The cloning issue makes sense. I'll keep an eye out for the fix.