Updating a manually installed server on Linux


Hi, we are currently using Casper 8.61 on Linux - manually installed and using MySQL on another server.

How do we upgrade to 8.62 without breaking anything?


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In all seriousness, make sure you have a Dev environment you can break things with. I'd think that you can run the upgrade straight, however with your database on a different server, that's the big question mark. You're rather off the support reservation going with that setup, so I hope you have someone who knows what they're doing with MySQL.

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In theory, you should just be able to deploy the updated ROOT.war file to your tomcat server and all should be well.

That said, I'd do a manual dump of the MySQL database, and make sure you have a solid (tested!) backup of both servers before starting.

If you're in a Virtualized environment, spin up clones of your SQL and tomcat servers and run the update in this test environment to make sure it behaves the way you want before applying it on the live server.

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^ Exactly. If we have a database backup, we don't really have to worry about "breaking" anything. However, this may be a good time to switch to the JSSLinuxInstaller so in the future we can continue to use the installer to update JSS versions etc.

If we have any worries about messing anything up, please contact your account manager and we can help walk through this process to ensure everything turns out as expected.