Jamf Protect Experiences?

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Hello fellow Mac SysAdmins,

Just started at a new company and they are in dire need of an endpoint AV solution (among just about every other security precaution that exists).

I am working to set us up with Jamf Pro and I wanted to reach out to see if you have any experience with Jamf Protect (instead of a "more traditional" AV). Most of the posts here are from last year and before I commit to something like MalwareBytes I wanted to check to see if anyone has experience with Jamf Protect as I am a big fan of the tight MacOS integrations and the reduced risk of something breaking with OS updates.

I am 100% not sold on an AV yet so I figured I'd reach out here before diving further into the weeds.



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I went with Jamf Protect and couldnt be more happier. the system is safe, secure, and very reasonable on cost. Plus the reporting is everything i wanted and more. 5 stars easily

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We recently switched from Sophos which was garbage on Big Sur and above to Jamf Protect. So, far I like it. Jamf Protect does use the built-in security like Gatekaper, XProtect, and MRT. So far No issues and the reporting console is great and easy to understand/navigate. Jamf Protect is easy to configure and deploy. Jamf does offer a trial/demo for you to test drive. 

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Here is a little more reading about it in case you are looking for any info. https://resources.jamf.com/documents/technical-papers/Jamf-Protect-Endpoint-Security-Capabilities.pd...

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Our organization also switched AV's from Sophos to JAMF Protect, and I totally agree with the comments. Sophos was ridiculously terrible, with multiple issues, non-compatible new and upcoming macOS's, we waited 8 months for compatibility support for Big Sur and still, issues haven't been ironed out.

Deploying Protect was a breeze. Day one support with new macOS releases. Reporting and other security features seem to satisfy our info sec. team. I would totally recommend JAMF Protect for the Mac AV solution.