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I am having an issue with a CS5 install package I created with AAMEE. It is working just fine on MacBooks and MacBook Pros, but is failing on iMac 12,2. This is the error: 4/18/12 2:34:02.546 PM installd: PackageKit: Install Failed: Error Domain=PKIn...
Greetings JAMF NationersI am looking to create a uptime Extension Attribute.I have created an Extension Attribute with the data type: IntegerInput Type: Populated by ScriptMac OS C Script Contentes: #!/bin/sh echo -n"" uptime "" exit 0 This results i...
Pardon my scripting ignorance.I am trying to create a script to add users to the _developer group so they do not get prompted for admin credentials. I am not sure on how to get the users user name and then add it.Scripting is not my strong point, yet...
Best practice to set the default open with application? I need to set all PDF's to open with Acrobat Pro. I don't see any MCX template for it. I know the preference is stored in com.apple.launchservices.plist. Thanks in advance for any thoughts or he...
Just wondering if any one is setting up SNMP, and if so when and how are you doing it.Currently I am setting up SNMP on my base image and it works, but I am setting the location in this step, and in the future I may be imaging computers for other loc...
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