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While doing some filevault key refreshing via script, i got a few (less than 10%) of these errors, and i cant seem to find any info on error 45 for filevault. DOes anyone have any kinf of info about this?"fdesetup exited with return code: 45."
HiI've been using this function to decrypt api account password in one of my scripts, and i can see it failing to decrypt in some machines. Different versions of macOS, i really can't see a pattern. Anyone seen something similar?function decrypt_stri...
helloi was wondering, does anyone have a way to add apps like ruby or vagrant in the firewall whitelist? having trouble allowing those as i can't find a bundle ID for them ( no .app or plist file)
i need to replace an AV solution on a big nr of macbooks.i want to create a smart group with the laptops that have successfully uninstalled the old AV ( using the policy status) and apply the install policy for the new AV on that smart group. The iss...
Hello After the autoupdate to Skype 8.60, i have users getting an prompt to imput local admin credentials whenever they start Skype.After some investigation, i concluded that skype wants access to a private key in the SYSTEM keychain, and the problem...
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