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We've just enabled Inventory gathering of Home Directory Sizes and, while I can see them in the Jamf Pro UI (with a bit of side-scrolling) and in the JSS API, I can't seem to find how to export this data in a report. When I choose Local User Accounts...
Are Jamf Pro Extension Attribute Templates something we can modify locally? If so, where and how? Thanks!
In researching some problematic computer issues in Jamf Pro (mainly duplicate S/Ns causing API errors), I've found a number of computer objects that display in an Inventory Search but clicking on them yields a 404 error in both the Web UI and the API...
I hope I'm just missing something, but I can't seem to find a way to extract a list of the needed patches for a computer in Jamf Pro via API. A straightforward way would be swell, but I've gotten used to taking three lefts to make a right with the AP...
I'm trying to develop a customized PKG that would be used to install a piece of software both in-person and via Jamf Pro (two birds, one stone and all that). I would like to do things a little differently depending on whether or not Jamf Pro has laun...