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Mac Apps

Hi all! Wanted to see if anyone else is seeing this issue before I reach out to Jamf Support.When deploying apps from the Jamf Catalog with Mac Apps the applications deploy but never report back as Complete. After confirming that any app that we've t...  View more

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Kerboros SSO

Good afternoon.I am trying to set up Kerboros SSO in place of binding MacBooks to active directory and using mobile network accounts. This will be on laptops that only have a single user. The only thing I want Kerboros to manage is to sync local acco...  View more

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Single sign on timeout jamf pro

I started getting a SSO timeout issue a few weeks ago when trying to sign in to my jamf pro instance. every morning, i get this time out warning and need to sign out of my office account, quit chrome, then hot my bookmark. Once i get there, i have to...  View more

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Office suite auto sign-in

Hi,I'm looking to automate the sign-in process for the Office suite on Mac devices used by our students. Ideally, I want Office to automatically pick up their login details and sign them in with their credentials. So far, I haven't had any success in...  View more

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Updating Command Line Tools via Jamf - other options?

Hello! I wanted to see how the hive mind was handling updating Apple's command line tools when they are not installed alongside Xcode. I currently have a smart group set up to track who has it installed without Xcode. I have attempted to push the PKG...  View more

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Resolved! Mac Admin books?

I’ve passed the JAMF 200 and have been learning about JAMF from Jamf Catalog and also trying to get more hands on experience at work.I'm keen to learn more and aim to do JAMF 300 in 6 months time. Are there any good books for new Mac Admins? I’m keen...  View more

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FileZilla Pro Mac Apps - App Store Package

I'm kind of confused here about this version of FileZilla in Jamf. I 'purchased' about 300 "FileZilla Pro - FTP and Cloud" licenses. I created the available FileZilla app in Self Service from the Computers - Mac Apps - App Store. It installed fine an...  View more

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Initial login Date with message sending

Hi,I use jamf school and we get new persons in our school. They will become iPads and in the last I mad new Persons in Jamf school. After i set everything for the new persons i send them a eMail with the initial Datas (Name and random generated passw...  View more

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Self Service app branding

Hi, communnity!I have a problem regarding app branding. I have set an icon for testing in my DEV instance to check that both app icon and self service banner were working fine. The issue has arrived after having implemented in PROD when we've noticed...  View more

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WiFi Diagnostics

Got a question regarding WiFi troubleshooting. Our networking team was asking if there is a similar command like what they run on the windows side for troubleshooting (Netsh WLAN show WLANreport). Is there something similar that can be run on the Mac...  View more

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SSO for browsers

Hello All, We enabled SSO for Google Chrome and Edge browsers through a config profile, so that our users can log into the internal site without prompting the username and password again and again when they are in office network, all sudden it stoppe...  View more

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Mac is not enrolling through DEP/ADE

I can see one mac is present in ABM and assigned to the correct MDM server in ABM but when we are going to provision the mac, it is configuring locally as personal mac device but not enrolling in JAMF automatically. I unassigned the mac from the pres...  View more

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Enrollment Prompt Stuck on Big Sur

So today I decided to get one of these old intel machines, a 2015 Macbook Pro a whirl. It has been erased and removed from Jamf as well as ASM, but still has the prompt to enroll in remote management during setup. I erased it again, but to no avail. ...  View more

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Changing the Password of managed devices

Hi all, how would I change the password of the managed devices inside of Jamf, I know how to instruct them to change it from their end but im not sure how to change it from our end, how would I do this?  View more

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Run a script on jamf pro server

Is there any way to get JAMF to run a script locally on a JAMF pro server? I am trying to find a good solution to create a bearer token to pass to a script as I do not want to pass API user name/ password or base64, or encrypted credentials to a scri...  View more

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