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Apple Classroom iPad OS 15 troubles

We’ve started seeing messages on students iPads in the classroom settings pane that „teacher and student certificates have expired“ and that classes cannot be joined. No idea where those certificates come from though. Any suggestions? TIA  View more

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Using AD to propagate macOS UNIX loginshell

Does anyone have experience getting macOS to read the UNIX AD attribute loginshell or know which attribute Apple is using as user shell? Currently our AD-bound lab machines either assign the same shell from Directory Utility on a per machine basis (n...  View more

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Jamf pro

Hey Guysvery new to JAMF, need some expertise.From yesterday evening, I noticed all our packages are showing Availability pending.nothing is getting installed when we enrolling the device.not sure if Jamf upgrade 10.32.2 has broken this. is it known ...  View more

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AutoCAD 2022 Deployment

Has anyone had any luck with this? A completely default installation is fine as everyone's using cloud licenses. My most recent attempt using Composer to create a pkg looked like it was going to work after I deployed it to my test machine, but AutoCA...  View more

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Resolved! I need help with a script using "if" an "then"

I need to look for four folders that should have been automatically added to each user's Documents folder. I wrote a simple script that should check if the folders exist. If they don't, it will run the Jamf policy that creates them. The problem I kee...  View more

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Whitelisting specific Safari extensions - Big Sur

Hi, I have been trying to find a way to whitelist specific Safari extensions and block everything else. I am looking into uploading a custom plist via "Application & Custom Settings" but not sure exactly how to achieve this. Any help would be greatly...  View more

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iOS Device Names: Best Practices

We have been managing Macs in Jamf for years but are going to start managing iOS devices in Jamf going forward.We are brainstorming a naming convention for our devices. Thinking of automating the naming process with an Enrollment PreStageHas anyone u...  View more

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Resolved! homebrew and js deloyment using only scripts

So, I have modified the classic LAPS API script to work over the new Jamf Pro UAPI (you can check it out it here: JAMF UAPI LAPS script ), did not realizing it will only work if jq binary is installed and working on the mac, so I am trying to put tog...  View more

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Security track, don't be scared!

Hey everyone! I encourage you all to take a look at some security focused topics this JUNC even if security "isn't your thing." I have a talk during the track but there are plenty of others that are worth while! If you have any questions about securi...  View more

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Jamf Protect Analytic Remediation

We are in the early stages of deploying Jamf Protect at our organization and my question is around analytics and remediation steps. I know you can configure Jamf Protect to update analytic actions to add to Jamf Pro Smart Computer Groups. Should the ...  View more

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iPadOS 15 - Optional Update

Hi - Does anyone know what the update and Jamf behavior are like with the iPadOS 15 update? I know this year they made it optional by allowing users to stay on iPadOS 14 and only receive security updates.  View more

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Resolved! iOS apps reinstalling themselves (iOS 14 and 15)

We're having a problem where managed Apps keep reinstalling themselves on our iOS devices. My understanding is that starting with iOS 14, managed apps could be deleted by end users, but my testing has revealed that iOS 14.0 and iOS 15.0 will reinstal...  View more

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Block home screen widgets - iOS 15

Is there a way in Jamf Pro to block the widgets that iOS 15 insists on putting on the home screen with a newly setup iPad? I've got everything else blocked that I want from the home screen of our student iPads but I cannot figure out for the life of ...  View more

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