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JamF connect Policy not applying to device

Good day JamF Nation.Hoping someone can provide some insight.i have a site that I manage and we use authchanger to either disable JamF connect or enable.1 of the policies is set to reset the mac to default login and the other is to enable jamfconnect...  View more

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Find Users without assigned device

Is there a way via the JSS GUI to find whether you have a username in the system but no assigned Mac?I've only ever been told this can be accomplished with a MySQL search  View more

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Enable standard users to add Profiles

Our wifi requires that a profile containing several certificates be installed, and Monterey+ requires admin credentials to do this. This creates an unnecessary burden in the case of sysprep, changed passwords, and certificate updates. I'd like to all...  View more

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Introducing the Jamf Learning Hub

We are excited to announce the launch of the Jamf Learning Hub, a one-stop-shop for all of our product technical content. This new resource provides a self-directed user experience, so you can access relevant technical product content at the right ti...  View more

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Resolved! Managing Outlook OLM files

We're making changes to how we manage Outlook/Exchange data, and are implementing a policy on PCs where users will only be allowed to read PST files. They won't be able to attach new ones, and already-attached ones will only allow them to read and th...  View more

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macOS Ventura Upgrade Freezing with Spinning wheel

Hello to all,I hope everyone is well in the community :)I have a recurring problem with macOS Ventura :when I upgrade from macOS Monterey to Ventura, a minor update or when I try to register a Mac directly, after restart, I get a blank screen with a ...  View more

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Updating Fixed Printer IP Addresses

Hi,We are doing a major network upgrade involving new IP schema and VLANS.Printers were originally allocated static IP addresses by admin.Printers were added to jamf via Bonjour zero-config and the Device URL field in jamf > Settings > Computers > Pr...  View more

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Setup Your Mac (1.7.0) via swiftDialog

Setup Your Mac (1.7.0) benefits from the latest swiftDialog 2.1 features and easily allows Mac Admins to specify a minimum OS version to help mitigate zero-day attacksSetup Your Mac (1.7.0) via swiftDialogIntroductionApple’s Automated Device Enrollme...  View more

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Disabling Silent Mode Toggle on iPod Touch

My organization uses iPod Touches that are managed by Jamf Pro and I was wondering if there was a way to disable the ability to toggle Silent Mode on and off as I have users that are missing notifications and once or twice Silent Mode was found to be...  View more

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Resolved! Disable Profiles pane in Ventura

Hey everyone, Is there a way to disable the Profiles pane in Ventura macOS? I don't want non-DEP Mac users to mess around with it and remove the MDM profile.Thoughts?  View more

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TouchID EA

I would like to know how many are using TouchID to unlock their macs.My EA is working pretty good. However, i am not able to exclude who have the fingerprint set but not used. Any idea please?  View more

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Shared iPads

Two questions:1. Interested in testing a Shared iPad configuration on an new iPad. But how do I undo it once testing done - convert back to standard ipad. 2. How to I convert an existing ipad to a shared ipad, it has already been enrolled in Jamf at ...  View more

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Invalid Server Token for DEP

Trying to renew our DEP server token before it expires, have logged into Apple School Manager and clicked on the MDM to download the token p7m file, then tried to upload that file to the expiring instance and it says "The file received is not valid"A...  View more

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