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Utility to clean up and read Jamf logs

I'm new to Jamf in general and our Jamf environment. I have a Jamf Pro cloud instance. I download the Jamf Pro server logs and I get crushed under 700K lines of text. Is there a utility to read clean up logs and make it more readable and searchable? ...  View more

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Immediate Shutdown Mass action MacOS...?

My org's NetSec guy wants to do a "Mock Ransomware drill" and wants to have a way to shtudown all of our Mac/Apple Computers/Devices ASAP through Jamf. I know you can initiate a shutdown of Mobile Devices as a mass action command, but it doesn't appe...  View more

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Senior Mac Endpoint Engineer

:megaphone:We're looking for talented individuals to join our team at Vanguard! As we work to change the landscape of the Mac experience and bring user-choice, we're seeking individuals who are passionate about innovation and leveraging modern techno...  View more

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Some Configuration Profiles Not Installing

With some machines lately some profiles won't install. In the management record the error is "The current system configuration does not allow the requested operation."I know Apple silicon machines don't like kexts but not all Apple silicon fails. Con...  View more

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Jamf Pro 11.1.1 Now Available

Today we are releasing a maintenance version of Jamf Pro. Jamf Pro 11.1.1 fixes the following product issues: Jamf Pro Server: Security Issues [PI115207] Updated a third-party library to resolve a known vulnerability (CVE-2023-34055). Jamf Pro Server...  View more

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Jamf Binaries Restart

Hi there, I'm working on a policy that should be able to deploy a launchdaemon plist to all machines. The below script I found here https://communit  View more

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How to Add a system app to self service on iOS?

I am able to add the Apple clock app to self service, but because I cannot assign a license to it, it won’t download on the managed iPads.I tried “buying” licenses from Apple School Manager, but I can’t get licenses for a system app.  View more

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RSR version sticking after other updates

We've got a couple devices that after installing the latest updates of Sonoma are still showing RSR version (i.e. 14.1.2 (a)). Does anyone know of a way to get this back to showing a true version of the OS that is running on the device?  View more

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Difference between "disown" and "unmanage"?

The Jamf profiles on our devices (iPads) are set to "non-user-removable". Some of our students get to keep their iPads after they left our school and of course they want to have unmanaged devices without any restrictions and profiles.Is it enough to ...  View more

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