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The jamf protect section on the official website says that it can prevent data leaks by detecting and logging AirDrop transfers, but is it possible to use jamf protect to check the contents of photos and videos sent via AirDrop by managed devices? Or...  View more

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Apple TV enrolment via Configurator 2

We are unable to enrol new 4K Ethernet Apple TVs into Apple School Manager via Configurator 2.This was working perfectly a few months ago. When I click prepare, I can see the Apple TV is rebooting but not showing up under the devices in ASM. Has anyo...  View more

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Shared iPads using Jamf Trust

Hello, Our organization is trying to implement VPN on shared iPads by implementing Jamf Trust App. It is working on our single user devices. On our shared iPads when we open Jamf Trust app and try to enable we receive error 412 reference 22a86ba18419...  View more

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Local Accounts become locked after demobilization

Hello,We are transitioning part of our fleet from AD binding to jamf connect; however, we have hit an odd snag. In the past, we'd be able to just install jamf connect and once the user logged in, it would demobilize their account and sync with their ...  View more

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Out of Box Private Wi-Fi Address Disabling

An org’s network requires non-personal devices (think digital signage, inventory scanners, etc...) to be bound to a set network using MAC address. That then requires “Private Wi-Fi Address” to be disabled on all the iOS devices otherwise the device M...  View more

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Block macOS SignIn to App Store

Hi there, We use the "Restrict the App Store" option in Jamf Pro Profile Config but this seems to not do anything to stop a user from signing in with their own Apple ID into the App Store on their MacBook. Does anyone know how to block signins to App...  View more

Screenshot 2024-07-18 at 16.35.10 1.png Screenshot 2024-07-18 at 16.35.23.png
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Jamf Pro 11.7.1 Now Available

Today we are releasing a maintenance version of Jamf Pro; this release addresses the following product issue: Jamf Pro Server[PI119651] Creating or editing computer configuration profiles with payloads that require you to click Configure no longer ca...  View more

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Mackbook with activation lock

We had a macbook with activation lock with find my mac with personal account, we use the erase device option on Jamf School and request a pin, we set up.After the erase or before, I didn't know if make the erase, stop the process with the activation ...  View more

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Resolved! Screen Lock Sonama

Hi Team,Does anyone know how to enforce the screensaver after 15 minutes of inactivity and require a password to unlock in Sonama?I've been trying through a script but it doesn't seem to work, and end-users are still able to change the settings throu...  View more

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Jamf Pro API password in extension, any solution?

Writing a extension script to use the API to get some LDAP info on lastuser.Even thought API will only have read ability to Jamf LDAP setup the API call will be running daily on every endpoint and I do not want the API password in the script.Any idea...  View more

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Resolved! JAMF Pro in DMZ - Remove API documentation.

Hi Guys,I've been following the documentation and training videos for setting up a limited access DMZ deployment of Jamf Pro, which for the most part has been easy to follow. I've updated web.xml to block access to the api servlet, but wanted to remo...  View more

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Resolved! anyone successfully package Citrix Workspace 24.05?

Our previous Jamf admin showed me how to package Citrix Workspace for Jamf, but at that time it was a PKG file. Now it's a DMG. The Installer PKG (in the DMG) bundles Citix Workspace and something called "Citrix Enterprise Browser". There's a way to ...  View more

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Granting Remote Assist access to specific sites

We're trying to give access to subsets of machines to tier 1 technicians using Sites but we're running into a glitch. The tier 1 accounts see the Start Session button under Management/Remote Assist but when they click it it just spins. Bringing up th...  View more

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