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Deploying Automator .workflow files

Does anyone have tips on how to roll out a simple .workflow file using Jamf Pro? I have a pretty simple Automator .workflow file I would like to deploy, but am not clear how to do this.I read this post:https://community.jamf.com/t5/jamf-pro/deploy-au...  View more

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Jamf Cloud and Microsoft Intune Cloud Connector

Trying to connect our AzureAD to Jamf Pro (Cloud) and this is the error we are seeing.The connection between Microsoft Intune and Jamf Pro could not be established. Try again.The Cloud Connector was created we can login and approve the app but get th...  View more

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Dockutil Woes in Swift

My question may have a ridiculously easy answer, but here goes. We have a lab environment with a teacher who works with grades Pre-K, K, 1, 2, 3.We have user accounts (standard user accounts in AD for these grades). The teacher wanted to have a speci...  View more

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ADCS Connector issues when clients update to 12.4/12.5

Seeing an issue when clients with ADCS generated certs update to 12.4 or 12.5, their wifi connection breaks, prompting them to select a certificate. Even if they select the correct cert it doesn't connect to the wireless. The only fix is to unscope a...  View more

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Change file association.

Currently we have either Preview or Acrobat opening pdf documents by default.I'm trying to see what I can do to automatically associate pdf documents with a new app called Nitro on the command line. Can anyone point me in the direction?  View more

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Issue with Mounting DMG

Hey Guys,I've run into a strange issue with people trying to Mount DMG Files. I've only experienced this with Monterey 12.5, regardless of whether it's a newly imaged machine, or an upgraded OS one. I've only noticed this with M1 Macbooks. When you g...  View more

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Chrome Extension Reporting

Hello All, Posted something about extensions a couple weeks ago. This request is specifically for Google Chrome extensions. Does anyone have a working EA script that can be used to generate a report on installed Chrome extensions? Sort of like from t...  View more

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Renew Certificates

Hey all, Not sure if this is the correct place to post this but here we go:Long story short - I'm new to Jamf (actually our whole company is). Now we are trying to renew the "client certificate(?)" because employee's are losing connection to the VPN ...  View more

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Bulk Change Mobile Device Pre-Stage

Hello everyone, I need to en-masse change the membership of devices from their many pre-stages into one. All of these devices are in a single smart group. I’ve downloaded MUT, but this doesn’t seem to be able to do what I need to achieve, unless you ...  View more

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Get Erase-install.sh working

So, i'm trying to use https://github.com/grahampugh/erase-install and I'm having a VERY hard time understanding the steps to make it work.I added the package to Jamf Cloud, and pushed it out to my test computers by policy.How doi I get the various sw...  View more

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Healthcare Sessions at JNUC 2022!

Hey Jamf Nation!Check out the healthcare sessions at JNUC 2022! Join us from Sept 27th-29th in person in San Diego, CA or virtually! Learn more and register now: https://jamf.it/jnuc-healthcare  View more

JNUC 22 Healthcare Sessions Flyer.jpg
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