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Log out of Facetime

I see a thread that's pretty old (2016) of people wondering about logging out of Facetime. I'm working on adopting a fleet of machines that were "imaged" using CarbonCopyCloner, and they're all logged into AppleIDs. =( I've managed to get them signed...  View more

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VPP Installation issue with Monterey

Have a set of machines that we're adopting and for whatever reason, pushing VPP apps to them, I get "Invalid Status Code" in Jamf Pro, and the apps don't install. These are running Monterey. I haven't seen this issue with other machines, but I'm not ...  View more

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id.jamf.com 504 Gateway Error

I went to log into https://www.jamf.com/ and I was able to, however when I click on my profile and select 'Manage Account' I open https://account.jamf.com/profile/ and it redirects to https://id.jamf.com/someOATHCode which times out after 30 seconds ...  View more

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IT Systems Administrator - Onsite in Los Angeles

Viewpoint School is currently seeking a Systems Administrator reporting to our Director of Information Technology. This position’s primary function is to support the Apple and Google technologies at the school. Secondary functions include resolving s...  View more

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Jamf Protect Login Down?

Hello,I know this is an issue because I manage multiple Jamf environments, most with Jamf Protect & I cannot log in to any of the dashboards. I have separate emails/jamf ids for the clients as well. I understand AWS is down. Is anyone else experienci...  View more

Screen Shot 2021-12-07 at 1.18.06 PM.png Screen Shot 2021-12-07 at 1.18.22 PM.png
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how to deploy unique Python venvs per user?

I have a Mac lab running Catalina and Python 3.x (multiple versions) from python.org, not Apple's built-in Python.We would like to deploy Python virtual environments as follows— the first 2 are easy enough but I'm stuck on #3:one shared standard user...  View more

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Resolved! Jamf Account Page Down?

Cannot connect to my account to download the new JamfConnect. account.jamf.com not working? Anyone else experiencing this issue? Is there an ETTR?  View more

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How are Monterey and JAMF playing together?

Hello Hive Mind, This is my first post and I am simply hoping for some feed back from those of you that have moved your fleets into Monterey. I work at an Indepentent school and the last thing we want to do is allow our Faculty and Staff to upgrade t...  View more

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Jamf Patch Catalog down?

Is anyone else having issues today? I'm getting "A connection error occurred while attempting to download software titles from this source." and https://jamf-patch.jamfcloud.com/v1/ gives a 504 Gateway Time-out.  View more

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Managed Chrome Browsers and User Startup Pages

We've got JAMF Pro and we're a Google Workspace School. In the past we've just used the Google Workspace Admin Console to configure a user's startup pages. I received a request to keep the managed startup pages while also allowing for users to add th...  View more

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Removal Order

We have a department that gives Ipads to their students. These ipads include paid apps and books and are supervised and managed through Jamf.The apps and books only have a limited number of licenses. Once the students are done with the program the ip...  View more

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Remove Residual Package Names

For some reason I have old software apps titles (that was installed manually) in the Jamf Inventory list that were removed from the workstations.Is there a way to remove them from the database  View more

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Monterey vs. Big Sur DMG Installation Location

HiWe are running into an issue with installing bitdefender endpoint on MacBooks with Monterey.For Big Sur we followed the following configuration: https://www.bitdefender.com/business/support/en/77209-87686-install-security-agents---use-cases.html#UU...  View more

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