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Community Manager
Community Manager

Jamf is a special place. But we don’t need to tell you that, because you’re a part of it. You, members of the Jamf Nation community, are Jamf. And you’ve grown — a lot. Since your beginnings in 2007, you transitioned from an email distribution list into the largest community of Apple administrators in the world. Congratulations! And we could not be more excited to support you. As Jamf’s Community team, we’re responsible for the success of Jamf Nation, as well as Jamf Heroes, our customer advocacy program. And we’re committed to helping you succeed. Thank you for giving us a bit of your time, attention and wisdom. We’re incredibly thankful to be a part of your journey to help organizations succeed with Apple!


Jeni AsabaJeni Asaba Back in 2016 I came across a job posting for a copywriter position at a company called Jamf. I thought I’d take a chance. After working in Marketing for a few years, I found myself here, in Product, leading Community Engagement & Advocacy at a pretty stellar company. (Obviously I’m biased.) 😉 My role is to help make the lives of our customers easier. Sometimes that’s by talking about baked goods (I’m a fan!). Other times it’s by connecting you all with each other, because y’all, you have a lot of insights to share. But no matter the means, I’m honored to be able to help create meaningful community experiences for you at Jamf. Thank you for the opportunity!
Calley O'NeilCalley O'Neil Being an Eau Claire native, I heard about Jamf while visiting friends and family over the holidays. “It's this hot, new software company; you should look at applying there.” Sure! (enter eye roll here - because early 20s Calley knew everything and would never leave her fast-paced Chicago life to move back to her hometown) Fast forward ten years to the spring of 2021 when I joined the fabulous Community team at Jamf. Prior to my arrival, I had the awesome opportunity to work with educators and students at a university and high school level, the agency to teach with Girls Who Code, and the unique opportunity to work with another community in a start-up environment. I am so excited to leverage all of my experience, knowledge and willingness to learn in helping our customers engage deeply with one another in Jamf Nation and beyond.
Kaelie LundKaelie Lund

Kaelie here! I’m so glad you’re a part of the Jamf Nation community. Before coming to Jamf in the fall of 2020, I did a little bit of everything: recruiting high school students for a liberal arts college, throwing community events in Minneapolis-St. Paul, and supporting families of missing people and survivors of sexual violence via 24-hour hotlines and in-person services. At Jamf, I oversee the Jamf Heroes community and get to work with amazing customers every day. When I’m not walking at my treadmill desk, I’m outside in the dirt gardening, waiting for Nintendo to release the sequel to Breath of the Wild, and seeking out the best donuts and sour beers in the Twin Cities (an eternal and ever fruitful quest!). 


Lysette BullLysette Bull The latest recruit to join Jamf’s brilliant Community team, I started my journey at Jamf in the summer of 2021. My role is to support our EMEIA customers through Jamf Heroes. I value getting to know people, learning what motivates them and how I can help — whether that be a technical query or a coffee chat over our latest TV fixation. I look forward to creating an experience that will allow our customers to thrive!
Zandria MendozaZandria Mendoza  I’ve been an intern at Jamf since September of 2020. My role is to do supportive projects for Jamf Heroes and help our customers get to know Jamf, and each other, better. I’m currently in college and just finished my freshman year! I feel so grateful to be a part of this team and represent Community at Jamf. Thank you for the chance to help make your experience with us meaningful!






Early morning around 7.00 am EST I have seen this change while I was checking Jamf Event user groups. This looks really great , you guys did it.

This will bring more opportunities for open discussion and to share views on different products. This will be revolutionary for sure..

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A big hello wave to you all. I'm excited about the new look and features of Jamf Nantion.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Thank you, @rastogisagar123 and @honestpuck! So good to see you both here! 🙂 

You are awesome Jeni!!!!!

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Lovely to meet you all, and see some very familiar friendly faces too 😁, the new community looks amazing!

Community Manager
Community Manager

Thank you, @RickSaville! Now you have yet another way to contact us. 😉 Really great to see you here too!

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Hello from Sweden! Keep up the good work 🙂 

We LOVE seeing where people are from! Hi from Minneapolis. Thank you for joining us!!! 🙂