Activation Code Question

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I'm new to managing my company's Jamf Pro environment -  I added a device into our apple bm and then assigned the MDM profile to our Jamf.  It has not shown up after 30 minutes.  So I went digging through our Jamf to see if something had expired and I found that our activation code has expired since earlier this month.  I do feel this is a pretty silly/simple question to be asking here but with an expired activation code, I assume that is preventing us from adding new devices into Jamf since our "license" is expired?

I ask this because I am still able to make configuration profile changes to devices.  I just want to make sure I'm not missing something simple within Jamf for not seeing the new device.  

Thanks for any input on the matter




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You need to reach out to your JAMF CS rep. They can guide you on what needs to be done about your activation code. Honestly, I'm shocked they have not already been in touch with you. 


As far as how JAMF should be have. Generally JAMF will work fine with an expired activation code, for a while at least.

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As AJ said, you'll need to reach out to your CS rep. If you're unsure of who this is you can email who should be able to help you with sorting an Activation Code for your instance.
From my experience, you usually have a week or two from the time your code has expired to sort it. Once you've got a new activation code and put it in, your instance should start working as normal straight away.


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Thanks for the info!  I was able to get the activation code sorted out!  I'm am still unfortunately unable to see the iphone in JAMF that was added into apple bm and assigned to the JAMF MDM.  I have manually added ipads doing the same process and those have shown up in our mobile device list instantly from what I recall.


Any further assistance would be appreciated! 

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If your activation code had run out it may be a case that your MDM Token has run out. Have you checked to make sure all your Tokens and Certificates are not expired?
Settings > Global > Automated Device Enrollment

If that's out of date, I would check Volume Purchasing and Push Certificates also :) 

Since the device was added while you were still having the issue, you may need to remove it from JAMF (Delete the profile if it is there) and then re-add it, fresh.