Help with mystery error when installing from Self Service

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I've configured a number of pieces of software to install over the years but this is a new one. I'm testing installing GlobalProtect and it installs fine but at the end I get an error message. If I look in the logs of the policy, it looks fine and even says it completed. If I look in the Console at JAMF, I see the following...

[2020-05-20 13:25:15]  policy id:2643 error: Error Domain=JamfManagementService.ManagementServiceError Code=0 "task completed with non-zero exit code 1" UserInfo={NSLocalizedDescription=task completed with non-zero exit code 1}



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Did you ever solve this issue ? Exit code 1 is operation not permitted , so its a permissions issue somewhere. Curious if what worked for you if you did solve it.