How to Replace Local Distribution Point Hardware (MacOS Server to ???)

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There are a lot of posts about cloud-hosted DPs. I'm working with a client that has 15 locations and needs to replace their Local Mac Mini Distribution points with something else as macOS Server is pretty much history.

They won't have a local Unix Guru and it is a Mac Shop so a Mac-based solution would be nice. Maybe a Synology? What is everyone doing for the local DPs?

Linux isn't out of the question if there are good support documents and it is officially Supported by JAMF.

They have a few larger locations so going fully to Cloud for DPs isn't preferred, we still want to cut back on unneeded network traffic.


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We have about 20 Mac Minis running a file share (on Big Sur) in our offices across the US and Canada. One device acts as the "master" and runs a rsync process to replicate packages out to the others weekly. If a new package is added before the weekly update, the rsync process can be run manually to replicate across at any time.

We stayed with Mac Mini's so that we could take advantage of content caching as well.