iOS App Requests and Static groups

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We really want to use the App Request feature for iPad apps, but having a static user group for the Requesters is problematic. The problem of having to manually add/remove users from a group is the whole reason smart groups exist. The App Request feature is a great idea, but this one issue is basically preventing us from using it. What are others' thoughts on the problem of a static group for requesters?


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Hey @luke.reagor! I had similar thoughts when the feature was first announced and I tested it out. We already have an app request process through our help desk, but was thinking a secondary option through Self Service would be helpful too. Turns out due to the limitations you described it falls a little short.

Here's a feature request I wrote up to address some of those issues. Please add your own idea or improvements in the comments and upvote.

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Thanks, @nstrauss !

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I have configured a small static user group for testing this app request feature. However, I am not seeing it on the iPads for those users. The users are signed into their iPads as well. Am I missing something?

In Jamf, make sure you have the group selected in Settings > Self Service > App Request.
app request

On the iPads, make sure those users in the group have signed into Self Service.
ipad log in


As long as the user is in the group and these are done, I'd expect it to work.

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I guess I need to know how one signs into Self Service?

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In Self Service, click on the 3 dots in top left corner, then Click Log In in the same spot.