Reboot to Netboot - ARD Not working

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Does anyone have any tips how I can mass reboot machines remotely to image them?

Since SIP was enabled in 10.11 it's put a damper on our imaging process, we then started to use ARD, but it's been giving us nothing but headaches, constant "Authenticating" and "Access Denied" even after "kickstarting" ARD via a policy.

We got about 400 out of 1600 done via ARD before it started to give us those issues (Not too bad!)

We basically have 1200 ish desktops I'd love to be able to netboot to image over the summer without the need to touch a majority of them, any ideas or tips? or should I just stop wasting my time and get out to the buildings and start manually netbooting them?




Maybe a policy/script that you can set to run at a certain time and enable it when you want to image. the script/policy could change startup disk and then restart?

We are in the same boat as you in regards to ARD and doing mass action triggers.


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You may have to whitelist your netboot server on your machines. We had to do this BY HAND for over 300 machines (Rich's method outlined here made it a lot easier).

We had to do this before we could use ARD or a policy to netboot.